Netvards Browser Extension

The extension is created to capture progress the students are making on youtube!

How to set up the extension

The extension is compatible and has been tested for browsers such as, Chrome, Microsoft edge, Brave and FireFox – it does not work on Safari. The extension can be found in respective browser extension store.

The extension can be found in your browsers store

How does it work?

The extension is created for youtube vidoes only! If the content creator you're watching has created a "task" for that video, you will be displayed with a set of concepts at the top right (or above the video for smallers screens). The concepts should represent different topics or parts of the video and are also associated with a time interval. To compelete the task you need to click on the same concept as the video is currently covering, and that should be it.


I've noticed during development that some times the container that the extension tries to append the task to is missing, this should be resolved by refreshing the page.
Remember also that you need to be logged in to for the extension to work.
If the extensions doens't work you can try to disable other extensions that might interfere.
If nothing of the above is working you could also try to change your browser, at the moment the best performance is on Chrome.
Still not working? Create a bug report in the forum, in the bugs & suppport library.