About Netvard


This project was created to improve the learning experience online. In an effort to do this the site supports features such as:

  • A browser extension for youtube to track videos you've watched
  • Possibility to create and complete quizzes
  • Badges, to award anyone who have completed a set of videos and/or quizzes
  • Like and comment on Youtube content creators, books, websites and podcasts
  • Coming soon, is a way to share which material, like books and podcasts, you think are the best for learning a particular field

Browser Extension for Youtube

The browser extension was created to help other aspiring self taught developers to track what videos they watch on youtube. The tracked videos would then lead to earning badges which might have some weight later when job inverviews comes due.

The hope is to also increase the self taught community to other fields other than web development which already got an healthy commnunity.

The extension works for all browsers except Safari. There are no plans to make it avaible for Safari as of yet. Read more about the extension here